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LA Times Endorses David Vahedi for City Council



Friday, May 8, 2009

LA Times Endorses David Vahedi for City Council

Los Angles, CA - With two weeks to go before the run-off election, David Vahedi’s candidacy for Los Angeles City Council District 5 continues to gain momentum with a new endorsement from the Los Angeles Times.

“The political newcomer, often portrayed as an outsider, has an insider's knowledge of civic concerns and City Hall minutiae,” said the Los Angles Times. “Vahedi impresses with his encyclopedic knowledge of even the most obscure zoning regulations, Environmental Quality Act provisions and parking policies. He is among the breed of homeowner activists who can match wits and quote Municipal Code passages with any elected official or bureaucrat.”

Vahedi will face former West Hollywood Mayor Paul Koretz in the run-off election on May 19, 2009. If successful, he will become the first Iranian American elected to serve on the City Council of Los Angeles.