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Iranian American Seeks Congressional Seat in Texas



Thursday, January 19, 2006

Iranian American Seeks Congressional Seat in Texas

Washington, DC – According to friends and colleagues, the one word that best describes Mr. Amir Omar is energy. The energy he displays stems from the tremendous amount of enthusiasm and passion he has for the future of his community. A first generation American of Iranian and Palestinian descent, Omar describes himself as, “living proof that the American dream is alive and well.” A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Omar recently declared his candidacy for the 30th Congressional District of Texas. If elected, Omar will be the first Republican to represent District 30 as well as the first American of Iranian descent to serve in the U.S. Congress.

 A life long Texan, Omar grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. After graduating from Harlingen High School, Omar attended Texas A&M University where he majored in Industrial Distribution. While at Texas A&M, he joined the Corps of Cadets, which helped him develop his leadership skills and foster a deep appreciation for our Armed Services. Since then, Omar has established several businesses in the service and consulting industries. By creating jobs, promoting opportunity and advancement for his employees, as well as supporting the economic growth of the surrounding communities, he has proven himself as a strong entrepreneur and business leader.

 Today, Omar runs MarginImpact, Inc. a consulting firm he founded based on ten years experience in the industry. MarginImpact is dedicated to helping businesses save money on their operational expenses while creating jobs in Dallas County. “Competition and regulations make it hard on many companies to survive, we help those businesses find answers to save money on their operating expenses, which in turn helps them grow and create more jobs over the coming years,” says Omar.

 Over the past several years, Omar has been heavily involved in community activities including as a volunteer coach for youth athletics, a leadership mentor to aspiring managers in the corporate world and a guest speaker at schools regarding entrepreneurship. He has also been a member of multiple Chambers of Commerce, Young Professionals organizations and Political Associations.

 Omar promises to bring the same entrepreneurial spirit he has demonstrated his entire life in Texas to Capitol Hill. He sees education, economic development, opportunity and advancement as major issues facing the 30th District of Texas. “Congressional District 30 has had the same leader in Congress over the last 12 years. In that time, it has not seen its fair share of the progress, prosperity and optimism that the rest of the region has enjoyed,” says Omar. He believes that economic development should be a partnership amongst all levels of government (city council, county government, state legislators and federal representatives). “I will work to improve capital availability for business development in the 30th District, workforce education and the removal of governmental roadblocks to business.”

Omar plans to raise $788K for his campaign, enabling him to run a competitive and well- organized race. He believes that the voters in District 30 are ready for a change and plans on taking his optimistic non-partisan message on the campaign trail, meeting people from all walks of life and political persuasions. His outreach strategy will include using targeted mailers, block walking, townhall meetings and radio advertisements. “Our victory will be based on our ability to know and be known in the community regardless of party affiliation. This election is bigger than our respective parties, it is about which candidate can unite differing viewpoints to meet the common goals of our proud district," Omar explains.

 Omar is married to Annie Hoffman. They have 3 children: Javid, Alaina and Chloe.