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IAPAC Holds First Series of Meet & Greet Events



Wednesday, February 23, 2005

IAPAC Holds First Series of Meet & Greet Events

Washington, DC – IAPAC recently held its first series of Meet & Greet events in February of 2005. The events were held in San Jose, Berkeley and New York City. Meet & Greet events provide an opportunity to introduce Iranian Americans to the mission, goals and accomplishments of IAPAC. IAPAC members Mr. Sassan Vossoughi and Mr. Nersi Ramazan-Nia organized the events in Northern California, while IAPAC Jr. Trustee, Mrs. Laleh Bashirrad, organized the event in New York City.

 At each event, IAPAC’s Political Director, Mr. Morad Ghorban, presented the mission, goals and the 2004 activities of the organization. Ghorban, explained that IAPAC contributions are a means of access to discuss policy positions and educate policy makers about the various domestic needs of the Iranian American community. “In a period of little over a year, IAPAC has taken the simple aspiration of providing Iranian Americans with a voice within the American political system and has established a bi-partisan political action committee that is ranked amongst the top 20% of all PACs in the nation,” Ghorban said. With over 300 individual contributors, IAPAC supporters ranged from Democrat and Republican contributors, to lawyers, doctors, businessmen and students who aspire to participate in the American political process, each in their own right. Mr. Ghorban also presented the candidates and party committees that IAPAC supported during the 2004 election cycle. “Our goal was to establish a meaningful dialogue with prominent members of the US Congress, including Senator Arlen Specter (Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee) and Senator Edward M. Kennedy (Ranking Member, Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship),” Ghorban explained.

 Ms. Banafsheh Akhlaghi of the National Legal Sanctuary for Community Advancement (NLSCA) joined the Meet & Greet reception in Berkeley, CA. The NLSCA provides pro-bono and sliding scale counsel for individuals in need of legal services related to issues arising from civil rights, FBI interrogations, immigration, employment and educational discrimination. They are one of the few organizations in the country that records discriminatory acts against Iranians. “The NLSCA does a lot of memorializing these instances”, Akhlaghi said. IAPAC has worked with the NLSCA to raise congressional awareness of the government's mistreatment of Iranian nationals unjustly persecuted through the NSEERS special registration program. "IAPAC has been influential in providing a channel to members of Congress and a voice that can be heard on Capitol Hill," Akhlaghi explained.

 All three events ended with question and answer session between participants and Mr. Ghorban. IAPAC’s goal is to have a Meet & Greet event in each of the different regions of the United States where a large community of Iranian Americans reside. Meet & Greet events provide a unique opportunity to expand the reach and size of IAPAC by introducing it to new communities. IAPAC members and friends that are interested in organizing a Meet & Greet event may contact IAPAC’s office at 202-824-0718.


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