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IAPAC Endorses Jimmy Delshad for Beverly Hills City Council



Tuesday, February 20, 2007

IAPAC Endorses Jimmy Delshad for Beverly Hills City Council

Washington, D.C. - The Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) today announced its endorsement of Jimmy Delshad for Beverly Hills City Council.

 A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Delshad was elected to the Beverly Hills City Council in March of 2003 and is currently serving as The Honorable Vice Mayor. Delshad is seeking his second and final term on the council in the March 2007 election. If reelected, Delshad is poised to make history by becoming the first Iranian American Mayor of Beverly Hills.

 Mayors of Beverly Hills are traditionally picked by their fellow council members based on seniority. Delshad will be the next in-line to become the Mayor if reelected to the council in March.

 With two decades of experience as a business leader and community activist, Delshad understands the needs of Beverly Hills. As a council member, Delshad has worked to make Beverly Hills a safer and more secure community for all. He believes that it is important to emphasize growth that benefits the city directly. With his background in computer technology, Delshad brought forth “Smart City” initiatives for wireless technology, security camera technology for traffic control, and security for businesses and schools.

“I am pleased and grateful to receive the support of IAPAC,” says Delshad. “Their support helps me get my message to the voters of Beverly Hills.”

Delshad is Beverly Hills’ first Iranian American councilmember. His landmark election in 2003 was a testament to the growing influence of the Iranian American community in Beverly Hills. Proof of the community’s new found influence came in 2004, when Delshad introduced and helped pass a city ordinance making Beverly Hills the only city in the country that provides poll volunteers who speak Persian and has voter guides and ballot directions printed in both English and Farsi.

 Beverly Hills voters head to the polls on March 6 to fill two vacant City Council seats. The other candidates vying for the spots are: City Council Member Steve Webb, business consultant Shahram Melamed, attorney Maggie Soleimani, Planning Commissioner Nancy Krasne, and journalist Lizza Monet Morales.

 IAPAC is a registered bipartisan political action committee that contributes to candidates for public office who are attuned to the domestic concerns of the Iranian American community. The candidates who receive contributions from IAPAC have an exceptional track record on the domestic issues of importance to the Iranian American community, represent a large Iranian American constituency, have articulated a readiness to work with Iranian Americans in addressing their concerns, or are in a position to have influence over the domestic legislative issues of concern to the community.