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Deployed Iranian American Congressional Candidate Saving Lives



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Deployed Iranian American Congressional Candidate Saving Lives       

Washington, D.C. – Dr. Milad Pooran had a choice to make - continue his campaign to become the first Iranian American Congressman by seeking a deferment on his deployment to Germany or continue with his mission in which he would provide medical services to his wounded comrades in arms. The choice was simple. Despite the significant impact that his decision may have on his candidacy, Pooran chose to step away from his campaign for the 6th Congressional District of Maryland to deploy on a medical mission to treat service members with combat injuries.

Until the end of January, Pooran, a critical care physician and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard, will lead a Critical Care Air Transport Team charged with bringing critically injured soldiers to Andrews Air Force Base.

During his deployment, Pooran is prohibited from campaigning. While he is away caring for wounded servicemen and women, his campaign is being managed by seasoned campaign consultants, volunteers, friends, and family. But it is his wife and number one asset, Amy Pooran, herself a critical care pediatric nurse working at Children's National Medical Center, who will be the face of the campaign during this time.

“Running for office is a natural progression for Milad. He and his parents immigrated to the US from Iran when he was six years old. His parents wanted a better life for him, and taught him about service and community,” explained Amy Pooran in recent blog on Daily Kos. “He learned well, and has served his country for 13 years with the Air Force as a flight surgeon, and seven years in public health with his work on HIV/AIDS research at the National Institutes of Health, and in the Secretary's office at Health and Human Services.”

When asked by his campaign manager if he could get out of the mission to focus on the campaign, Pooran explained that he could probably differ his deployment but “If I did, someone else would have to do it.”

Pooran will face state financier John Delaney and Sen. Robert J. Garagiola in the Democratic primary scheduled for April 3rd. The winner will face the winner of Republican primary in the general election. The seat is currently held by Representative Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) who faces number of challengers in his primary.