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Congressman Meehan Applauds Know Your Rights Campaign



Monday, June 13, 2005

Congressman Meehan Applauds Know Your Rights Campaign                                     

Washington, DC - At the urging of IAPAC, Congressman Marty Meehan (D- 5th/MA) has written a letter voicing his support for the Iranian American Know Your Rights Campaign. Congressman Meehan is concerned about the growing reports of discrimination against Iranian Americans and believes that increased public awareness is a means of addressing these inequities.

 The purpose of the Iranian American Know Your Rights Campaign is to: (1) educate Iranian Americans of their civil rights and liberties under the Constitution and Bill of Rights; (2) offer legal protection where civil rights of the Iranian American community are being infringed upon; (3) educate mainstream America on the Iranian American community; and (4) create media outreach within both the Iranian American media and mainstream media sources.

 To complement the coalitions work, Congressman Meehan will be introducing a House resolution, which would explicitly condemn bigotry and discrimination against Iranian Americans. The purpose of the resolution is to resonate symbolically, to alleviate fear and allow Iranian American community members to step forward and share their stories. Congressman Meehan believes that Iranian Americans are a vital part of the greater American community and contribute much to the economic, social and cultural framework of this nation.

 According to Congressman Meehan, discrimination and bigotry against one group of Americans is a concerning matter to all Americans. He hopes the creation of the coalition and the introduction of the resolution will serve as tools in protecting the civil rights and liberties of all Americans, including Iranian Americans.